USATF-Certified Course

  1. Start at East Birch St and Brea Mall Rd
  2. Run west on Birch St to Randolph
  3. Turn left onto Randolph, run south to Madison Way
  4. Turn right onto Madison Way, run west to Poplar Ave
  5. Turn right onto Poplar Ave, run north to Birch St
  6. Turn right onto Birch St, run east to Associated
  7. Turn left onto Associated, run north to Lambert Rd
  8. Turn right onto Lambert Road Rd, run east to Kraemer
  9. Turn right onto Kraemer, run south to Birch St
  10. Turn right onto Birch St, run west to State College Blvd
  11. Turn left onto State College Blvd, run south to Brea Mall-North Entrance
  12. Turn right into Brea Mall-North Entrance, turn right onto Brea Mall Rd
  13. Finish on Brea Mall Rd, east parking section of Brea Mall

For a detailed course map, click here.