Traffic Information for Brea Residents

Below is information on traffic impactions and road closures during the event. Thank you for your patience and for your support of the race and the students of Brea Olinda High School.

Residents and visitors are urged to plan ahead, allow extra time and take alternate routes if possible.

Traffic Impactions

Streets affected by slowdown and intermittent closure include:

  • State College Blvd (from E Birch St to Imperial Hwy)

  • E Birch St (from S Poplar Ave to N Kraemer Blvd)

  • N Associated Rd (from E Lambert Rd to E Birch St)

  • Country Hills Rd (from N Associated Rd to N Kraemer Blvd)

Affected Neighborhoods

  • S Poplar Ave between E Birch St and Madison Way

  • West Glenbrook (residents can avoid the course altogether by exiting their tract at Greenbriar Ln and proceeding south on S Associated Rd)

  • Birchwood Village

  • All Country Hills neighborhoods west of N Kraemer Blvd

Alternate Routes

Between 6am to 11am, suggested alternate routes for north-south cross traffic include Brea Blvd., the 57 Freeway and Kraemer Avenue. For east-west cross traffic, suggested alternate routes include Lambert Road and Imperial Highway.

Full use of all local streets will resume by 11am. 

Country Hills and Park Paseo Neighborhoods

Residents of Country Hills and Park Paseo can expect the period of greatest negative traffic impacts to be 8-9am. The first runners are expected to reach N Associated Rd by no later than 8:10am. At that time, access to Country Hills and Park Paseo by N Associated Rd will be very limited although access to Country Hills using E Lambert Rd or N Kraemer Blvd may be possible until runners reach street intersections along those streets. After about 9am, all runners should have transitioned from N Associated Rd to E Lambert Rd eastbound; and access should be available using N Associated Rd and open lanes on E Lambert Rd. Between 8:30 and 9am, access to Country Hills and Park Paseo may be possible using Associated Rd. and Birch St., but this will be controlled by Brea Police Department officers and volunteer Traffic Monitors staffing intersections. 

Traffic should return to normal along the entire race course between 10:00 and 10:30am.

Brea Police Department personnel and volunteer Traffic Monitors at intersections may allow access to various streets whenever flow of racers creates a break in the runner “pack;” however, once the main body of the “pack” transitions to a particular street, access at intersections on that street may not be possible for an extended period of time (possibly 20 minutes or more). 

To minimize your traffic impacts, plan around the peak impact time of 8-9am.

Please follow directions of all Brea police officers, traffic monitor volunteers, and traffic control devices. Please use extreme caution when driving near Brea 8K set-up/tear-down crews, Police Officers and Traffic Monitors, other race staff/volunteers, and race participants.

The Brea 8K organizing Committee apologizes for any inconvenience these traffic issues may cause. Remember, ALL proceeds from the Brea 8K Classic Race directly support academic and musical arts programs at your Brea Olinda High School. Thank you for your support.